Mast Hoop Mobile Wood Mast Hoops 
All hoops bent from clear, straight grain oak and laminated for greater strength. Over 50 years of hoop making experience.
Stock sizes 2" I.D. through 12" I.D. by 1/2" increments. Can be furnished copper riveted or bolted with brass machine screws. Sizes 13" I.D. through 24" I.D. by 1/2" increments, all bolted with brass machine screws. Bolted hoops may be unbolted, installed on mast, and rebolted without removing any rigging. Other sizes and/or shapes by special order. All hoops finished with 65%-35% mixture of pure linseed oil and pure gum turpentine.
Note rule of thumb in ordering mast hoops: inside diameter of a
mast hoop should be 25% larger than the mast at its greatest point.
Belaying Pins Belaying Pins 
Belaying pins are turned to order from black locust wood. Please specify overall length and diameter of shank to fit your pin rail.
Deadeyes Deadeyes 
Deadeyes are turned from black locust wood. They are available as upper deadeyes with semi-circular grooves for rope or wire; or lower deadeyes with a flat dado for metal bands. The holes are drilled to fit your choice of rope size.
Deadeyes Parrel Beads 
Made from black locust wood in sizes 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2",
1-3/4", or 2". Other sizes and woods by special order.
Hand Made Wooden Cleats Hand Made Wooden Cleats 
Cleats normally are made black locust wood but may be special ordered in other woods. Sizes range from 3" to 16", either standard or jam style.
Mast Hoop Fasteners Mast Hoop Fasteners 
These fasteners are made of bronze by the Investment Casting method. They are available in two sizes, small for hopps through 6" in diameter, large for sizes 7" through 12".
Bullseyes Bullseyes 
Bullseyes are turned from black locust and are 3" in diameter. The outside is grooved for rope or wire.